Carl Landegger
Founder / Web Designer / Artist

Founder of BreakYourself in 2009, Carl Landegger is a graphic, street, type and web designer who resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Volunteering at Abraham House, a non profit organization for the incarcerated and after-school program located in the South Bronx, he is currently the art and web design teacher. Becoming inspired by the everyday life of his teaching surroundings, Carl felt the need to do something about it. His objective is to bring a real world experience through art and design projects to communities and people in need.

Camila Landegger
/ Writer / Youth Mentor

Sociologist and published author, Camila Landegger, specializes in substance abuse counseling, rehabiliting ex-offenders, women empowerment, youth mentoring and event coordinating. She has taught ESL, health and Sex education classes, and ledleadership programs in underprivelaged communities specifically in Brasil and the South Bronx. Camila successfully co-founded her own holistic business in California which was viewed on a nation-wide scale and featured in serveral documentaries in 2008. Due to her extensive knowledge within communities and education, she is the President of BreakYourSelf.

Mural and Canvas Teacher

Self taught graffiti artist since 1976, Victor Ramos also known as “Slone” is a prominent figure in the Hip-Hop world. Known for his character drawings and speed in painting, Slone specializes in aerosol art murals, canvases and creating custom made apparel and accessories. In 1995, he created the artists group called “WOTS Crew,” that stands for Wizards of the Styles Crew. The WOTS Crew consists of members in 5 continents, 74 chapters world-wide.  Some of his works and shows include designing the limited edition “Planet B-Boy” sneakers for director Benson Lee for the movie, Planet B-Boy as well as creating canvases for the likes of the hip hop world and artists such as KRS-1, The New York Yankees, and many charitable events and fundraisers.

  1. Hi Carl and Victor,
    I’ve already created a buzz within the school 🙂 Can’t wait to this going!! You guys are the BEST!!!!

  2. TweetyBirdChick15

    thanks guys for comming it really was a fun day see you guys next week 😀

  3. Amber Eldridge

    Web site looks great you guys, keep up the good work! : )

  4. yo u guys came 2 my skool and your drawings are alsome and nice.your website is nice.:)keep ^ the good work.

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